Rubber Transfer Molding

Pure Rubber Products provides transfer molding services to manufacturing custom rubber parts. Transfer molding is used to manufacture tight tolerance parts such as connectors, electronic components, and process equipment components.

Our expert staff works with each client’s design engineers to determine the appropriate molding process for each part and designs the tooling and molds needed to manufacture the part. Transfer molding allows for flexible design and rapid manufacturing of parts while keeping production costs low. It is used for products that require a good surface finish and tight dimensional & mechanical stability.

In addition to in-house mold and tooling design and manufacture, Pure Rubber Products offers the following services.

  • Material selection

    We have many stock compounds in-house that will meet most or your requirements. In addition, we have partnered with a respected materials laboratory that has hundreds of rubber and elastomeric compounds available, and that can create custom compounds for new products. They also offer testing and analysis services. Test batches can be produced for prototypes or materials testing as needed.

  • Prototype development 

    We offer prototype and short run production.

  • Full production runs 

    Pure Rubber offers production from prototype through full production runs.  Our presses can manufacture parts up to 24”.  We have no minimum size limits for parts.

We offer bonding services for parts that require rubber-to-metal bonding.  We ensure a strong, long-lasting bond through the correct materials selection and molding process.

Rush jobs and interim shipments can be accommodated to make sure your production is not impacted by low inventory of parts.

We are ISO 9001:2015 registered and our parts meet or exceed the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) standards for finished parts.