Rubber Injection Molding

Pure Rubber Products provides rubber injection molding services.  We manufacture custom rubber parts, specializing in small parts requiring tight tolerances.  Parts manufactured include medical components, packaging caps and cups, pumping assemblies and electronic components.

Rubber injection molding is most effective for a high-volume manufacture of small parts that require high tolerances and little or no finishing after production.  Our experienced staff works with our clients’ design engineers to determine the best molding process for the parts.  Our in-house staff designs and manufactures all tooling and molds needed to manufacture each part to its specific requirements.

Pure Rubber’s turnkey services include:

  • Selection of the appropriate molding process

    We work with your design engineers to review your requirements and select the most efficient, cost-effective manufacturing process.

  • Selection of the appropriate rubber or elastomer compound

    We have many compounds in stock that will meet most or your requirements. We have partnered with a respected materials laboratory that has hundreds of rubber and elastomeric compounds available, and that can create custom compounds for new products. They also offer testing and analysis services. Test batches can be produced for prototypes or materials testing as needed. Custom colors are also available.

  • Prototype development  We can manufacture prototypes for product testing.

  • Full production runs

    We can handle production runs from prototype and short runs to full production molding.

Our parts meet and exceed all Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) standards for finished parts.  Pure Rubber Products is ISO 9001:2015 registered.