Rubber Compression Molding

Pure Rubber Products manufactures 100% custom rubber compression molded parts for all industries.  Our expert, experienced staff works with each client to ensure that all parts are manufactured to exact requirements.

We specialize in small-to-medium parts that are used as components in end products or process equipment and in multi-part assemblies such as diaphragm, valve and gasket assemblies for pumps.  Our staff works closely with each client’s design engineers prior to manufacturing the part to ensure that we understand the exact unique requirements for the part.

Our turnkey services include:

  • Determination of the most effective molding process for the part.  Compression molding is most effective for lower tolerance parts. It is a lower cost molding method that wastes relatively little material. Our presses can mold parts up to 24″.
  • Material selection.  We have many in-house rubber compounds that will satisfy most of your needs. Through our materials partner, we have hundreds of compounds available for use and can create custom elastomeric compounds if needed. We work with each client to select the most appropriate material for the part.
  • Prototype development and short runs.  We can create prototypes and short runs for new product development and testing.
  • In-house mold and tooling design and development.  All our molds and tooling are custom-designed and manufactured in-house for each client, reducing manufacturing time and cost while keeping production quality high.
  • Full production manufacturing.  Pure Rubber Products manufactures parts from prototypes and short runs through full production runs.

Pure Rubber offers rubber-to-metal bonding services for o-rings, seals and other custom products that require metal and rubber bonding.  Materials selection and production processes ensure a strong, long-lasting bond.

In addition, we can handle rush jobs, and interim shipments to keep your production lines running.

All our parts meet or exceed the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) tolerances for finished parts and our processes are ISO 9001:2015 registered.